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Katie Rees

Director and Chief Executive

Katie's main role on the board is to provide strategic vision ensuring the project develops in line with our three core values; nature, community and wellbeing. She encourages active participation and personal development of the board, supporting the team to connect and explore their own understanding of both themselves and the world around them.      


Sarah Owen-Hughes


Sarah is a horticulturist and plant scientist, and is a Registered Plant Health Professional. She taught horticulture for 15 years, and is now a biocontroller in commercial glasshouses. You might know her from her talks to local garden clubs, the Human Gardener stage at the Harrogate Flower Shows or her Trowels & Tribulations podcast, where her passion for plants shines through.


Janet Still


Janet is talented at understanding people's needs and is currently training to be a counsellor at York College. She's a dedicated mum of two and strives hard to ensure young people with neurodiversity are championed and listened to. It's a privilege to have Janet's dedication and experienced perspectives on the board.  


Richard Jeffrey


Richard joined KindleWoods in Spring 2022 as a volunteer. He comes to KindleWoods after
completing over 30 years of service in the British Army as an Infanteer. Having spent his career managing military command across the globe, Richard adds depth both in terms of an operational perspective, but also the impact of conflict on mental health. A keen outdoorsman, Richard loves to fish, shoot and cook on an open fire.


Tracy Dunning


Tracy is passionate about nature and wellbeing and the importance of slowing down and connecting with both. A trained teacher, she now runs her own Reiki practice and has recently trained as a swimming instructor. She is passionate about KindleWoods giving people a voice and helping them to see their strengths. 

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