Director and Chief Executive

Katie Rees

Katie's main role on the board is to provide strategic vision ensuring the project develops in line with our three core values; nature, community and wellbeing. She encourages active participation and personal development of the board, supporting the team to connect and explore their own understanding of both themselves and the world around them. She is passionate about getting to the heart of the matter, believing in people and using our creativity and humanity to drive forward KindleWoods as an innovative, action focused, change making organisation.     



Arrietty Heath

Arrietty manages a large team of volunteers for the North Yorkshire County Council Countryside Access Service. Prior to this role she worked in mental health for many years, and is also a qualified acupuncturist. This makes her well placed to understand the importance of a holistic approach to health and wellbeing, with a connection to nature being a vital part of this. “I’m so excited to be part of the Kindlewoods community, where my eclectic mix of skills and experience all suddenly seem to fit perfectly together!! I look forward to seeing the Kindlewoods community grow and thrive, as the importance of a holistic approach to health becomes ever more understood and accepted."


Business Development Director

Emily Balmer

Hi, my name is Emily. I have a health care business in Harrogate, The Hearing Suite. I recently joined the board and I am looking forward to meeting the community. I haven’t always managed “stress” well in my life and work, but nothing gives me that feeling of relaxation, resetting and reconnecting like being outdoors. I really love walking (I especially like doing circular walks in both directions so I don’t miss out on the views!). I strongly believe that we can all achieve anything that we set our minds to. I push my boundaries personally and professionally because I know I will either win or learn something new.

Gardening PPMG Pruning Head Up Big Smile


Catherine Howell

Hi!  My name's Catherine and I manage a Community Interest Company that specialises in community food projects in the Tees Valley.  I've worked in the environmental sector for around 15 years, often with people facing wellbeing challenges, and I'm inspired by the restorative and healing power of the outdoors, being purposeful and having good people around!  I love being a Director of Kindlewoods: it's great to be part of making people's lives a little easier and knowing that I'm contributing to some fantastic conservation projects.  I like to attend the volunteer days and sometimes help out with events.  If you see me there, please say hello.  I'd love to chat with you!


Sarah Green 

Sarah is intrepid and courageous. She is also great with an axe! First coming to KindleWoods in minus temperatures baking brownies on the campfire she hasn't looked back since. Working as a mental health support worker, she intuitively understands what people need, and how to support them. Seeing the benefits of Wild Wellbeing firsthand she is a fantastic advocate for the project; “I’m on the board to get the word out about Kindlewoods so that more people can benefit from connecting with nature and rediscovering the best of themselves”.

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