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Woodland Wellbeing Client Testimonials

"I found the programme liberating. Having a safe space to come to has made a huge difference. So much so, I have found my own safe space during the rest of the week" Peter, July 2018


"I was struggling to connect with the moment before, you know – when the moment is drab and dreary, compared to being in the moment when the sunlight is dappling through the trees, and a fire roaring in front of you. It’s like you actually want to be in that moment. And then the practical stuff…it was like, wow I could do something…. which was positive on a whole load of different levels" Rob, Aug 2019

"It has retrained how I cope with life for a more positive outcome". Jim, July 2018

“It reminds you about the positivity in the world, and your abilities, it makes you realise what you are capable of and that you can do more than you think.” Jane, August 2018

"It makes you feel like you are part of something, like you have a purpose in life". Paul, Oct 2018

“The (sessions) have improved my confidence, doing things I never thought I could has helped me tackle things in other area of my life” Clare, April 2018


“It was so calming and promoted a huge sense of wellbeing in the forest setting and with some really lovely, talented people”. John, Sept 2018

“It’s the thing about face your fear and do it anyway, so things I’ve felt nervous about doing, having the chance to do those made me feel more confident.” Jo, Sept 2018


 “I felt great afterwards and even the day after that. The sessions really made me feel free and relaxed.” Julie, Nov 2018

"I loved every minute of it.” Paul, Nov 2018

“I would 110% recommend it, even myself the most unsociable hermit, found that being outdoors socialising around a campfire cooking bread, was such an amazing experience” Jeff, Sept 2018

Our Social Audit Report 2018-19

Beware of the bull independent Project evaluation Report 2018-19

Our Social Audit Report 2020-2021

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