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We invite you to a moment of being....

Mindfulness is about bringing your attention to what is in the here and now, connecting with the present moment, just as it is, without judgement. Noticing what is here, observing it, with curiosity and kindness. We can spend a lot of time in auto pilot, lost in thought about the past or future, without really taking in what is here in front of us. By spending time allowing ourselves to become aware of what is here, we are able to notice more, deepening our everyday experience. One way of doing that is by noticing our bodies, spending time being with the sensations we are experiencing.

When you first start, you may feel like your thoughts are a whirlwind of tangled spaghetti. You may feel frustrated that your mind keeps wandering from the audio. Don't worry about this - it's quite normal; it's all part of your experience. By noticing your thoughts, or your frustration, you have just had a moment of mindfulness! By allowing ourselves to be with what is, by letting go of judgement on ourselves, by noticing what is here - that is all part of the practice. Fully accepting ourselves as we are, how we are, in each moment. 

KindleWoods Five Minute Body Scan
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