Kindling Community Group

The Kindling Community Group meets once a month to volunteer our time working together on projects that directly improve our local green spaces, support one another's wellbeing as well as the community at large, and socialise with others who share a passion for the outdoors. We are guided by the following principles:

Community – Together, we aim to directly improve the lives of people within our community. We are guided by the needs of our local area and its population, and our work will always represent their interests. When we collaborate to achieve a shared goal, it becomes so clear that the things which unite us are far more important than anything which divides us.

Action – We volunteer our time to undertake monthly projects that will benefit the local area and its green spaces. From planting gardens to helping woodlands thrive, and even regular community clean up days, members of our group are regularly empowered to make a positive societal difference right on their doorstep.

Social – The pandemic has underlined the sheer power of social interaction on improving our wellbeing. We are a diverse group of individuals from the local area who care about the people and green spaces within it. Above all, we are friends who love nothing more than lighting a fire, brewing up a cuppa, and just having a good chat.


The KindleWoods Community Group is always open to accepting new members. If you want to give something back to the community alongside our expert staff and amazing volunteers, please fill in this form and a member of our team will be in touch as soon as possible.